Concept:Moderately priced Northern Italian, stylish Café with an electrified glowing Atmosphere and an industrial Romanesque desing by David Rockwell (Rockwell Group)

Roman Brasserie based on the grand cafes of turn of the century Europe.  The superb food and atmosphere made it a favorite dining spot for the chic European and international Café Society.



Concept: Night club-cum restaurant lounge designed by Italian ringleader of Bolidism, Massimo Iosa-Ghini, Milan

Cantone was the key player in the transformation of a defunct restaurant into an international nightclub, marking the american debut of Bolidism, the latest Italian export. Cantone played an integral partnership role in planning, design, construction and management, as well as supporting extensively in the marketing of this hotspot.  



Concept: Café Demi-Tasse at Galeries Lafayette Paris

Based on the big success of L’Espresso at the entrance of the world’s premier purveyors of French fashion, Cantone was subsequently asked to device a high-end full service café. 



Concept: Authentic Milanese Espresso and Panini Bar, modelled after the iconic “pasticerie” and coffee houses of Milan.  

Cantone conceptualized, designed and developed the first unique, upscale Milanese Espresso Bar in New York at the entrance of Galeries Lafayette Paris, an upmarket department store in Trump Tower, followed by the successful installation at the General Motors Building (GM) and the IBM building both on Madison Avenue.